Not Again…

We lost our 8-year old house bunny Beau on Thursday afternoon.  Dave and I adopted him from a bunny rescue 3 months after we were married when Beau was 11 months old.  He was a spunky, aggressive bunny who had been neglected by his previous family.  He would nip us whenever we put our hands in his cage to feed him!  He soon came to trust us and loved getting petted.  He even would let strangers pet him in his cage! 

Noah feeding Beau animal crackers

Soon after we moved to Douglassville Beau got a little “sister”, Lola.  After a few disputes about territory and Lola’s spaying they became very bonded.  We hope she doesn’t become too depressed being alone.

Lola and Beau

Up until Beau’s last day he was still that spunky bunny we first adopted.  He still ran around and “binkied” like a young bunny all the time.  He passed away quietly and peacefully with his family near him.  We’ll miss you, Beau!

The Ups and Downs of a Farm

This past week was definitely a tough one.  When I went out to give the sheep their afternoon hay on Thursday (1/14) I noticed our wether, Pippin, was having trouble walking.  He’d stumble and have trouble getting back to his feet.  This is the sheep that was attacked by a coyote in April 2008.  I called our vet right away and from my description he concluded that the sheep was probably suffering from severe anemia due to a high barber pole worm load.  Pippin had gotten increasingly flighty after his recovery, and we were unable to catch him in the fall for worming. 

I caught him and wormed him right away and let the other sheep and goats into another pasture so I could hand-feed him and give him some Nutri-Drench.  Friday he was worse but still eating.  When Dave got home from work we put him in a stall in the barn.  He was so unsteady that we had to load him on to our farm wagon and wheel him down to the barn.  By Sunday he couldn’t get up by himself; and he stopped eating on Monday.  I talked to our vet again to see what advice he could give us.  He suggested euthanasia but couldn’t come out until Tuesday morning.  Dave decided he would put Pippin down that night so he wouldn’t have to suffer any longer. 

Tuesday the state vet came out to take samples before we buried him because we’re in a Scrapie Eradication program with the USDA.  At least the past couple weeks have warmed up enough for the ground to thaw a bit!

Sophie’s Birthday Party

Last Saturday, January 9th, we traveled to NJ for Sophie’s 2nd birthday party.  It was a “Fancy Nancy” tea party and all the girls had such a good time.  Aurie made tu-tu’s for the 5 girls and they each had a tiara.  Hannah wore her tu-tu all day until we went home after dinner!

Hannah in her tu-tu and tiara

Aurie’s friend who’s a face-painter was there painting the girls’ faces….and the moms’, too.

Hannah and Mommy

 Sophie’s favorite toy was a Thomas the Tank playset.  It was very funny to see all the little girls playing with the trains!


Hannah’s visit to the Plastic Surgeon

Tuesday we had our 2nd appointment at CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). Our first appointment was December 2008 with the dermatologist, Dr. Yan. Although Hannah’s pediatrician could diagnose her birthmark as a Nevus Sebaceous, he wanted a specialist to confirm the diagnosis and to decide if she should have surgery to remove it. Dr. Yan had recommended that it be removed since it’s in a place where Hannah cannot see it easily to check on it for changes (it’s behind her right ear).

Anyway, we saw Dr. Jackson in plastic surgery. She was very nice and answered all our questions. Because of its size, Dr. Jackson said we could have it removed in one surgery or two. If we opted for 2, they could reduce the size of the scar. It’s borderline in size and her hair covers it so we chose to so it in one surgery so she won’t have to be under anesthesia twice.
In a few days we’ll talk to Dr. Jackson’s secretary about scheduling the surgery, but it won’t be for at least a couple months. CHOP has a surgical facility in Exton (about 45 minutes south of us) so we don’t have to go all the way into the city for the procedure. She will be completely out for the surgery, and it should only take about 30 minutes.
The reason they sometimes remove this type of birthmark is after puberty the make-up of them can change. Some can develop tumors such as basal cell carcinoma, but the most frequent type is trichoblastoma. In very rare cases the birthmark can become malignant. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of birthmark I found some basic information at and more technical info at

Ringing in the New Year – UK Style!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with some of our friends who also have young children. We thought a British theme party would be fun & then we could celebrate the New Year early so the kids wouldn’t be so cranky. We counted down to midnight GMT (7pm eastern) and the kids had fun blowing horns and wearing their hats.

We had lots of yummy food and I enjoyed making new recipes. I tried bruchetta with sheep cheese and wilted greens. The warm Locatelli cheese on bread with greens and drizzled with balsmic vinegar was terrific! I can’t wait to make it again! We also had artichoke cheese dip, mini quiches, fresh veggies and dip, cookies and chocolates.

I had lots of fun exploring for British recipes and settled on Bangers and Mash (pork sausage and mashed potatoes) and Buttered Turkey for dinner. Noah loved the sausage in the gravy! I can’t remember when he’s eaten that much meat. 🙂 I cooked one of the turkeys we raised this summer and it was so good with all the seasonings and butter!

One of our friends brought Bubble & Squeak as a side dish, even though we think it’s more of a breakfast dish. It’s made with potatoes, ham, bacon and cabbage. I think you can add any veggies you have to it. Traditionally it’s made with the leftovers from Christmas dinner.

For dessert I tried out 2 super-easy recipes… Lemon Syllabub and Apple Crumble. The Lemon Syllabub was so light and creamy! It’s made by whipping heavy cream and adding sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest. After sprinkling a little nutmeg on top it’s ready to eat… Yum!

We’re already thining about next year’s party and wondering what country should be our theme! Any suggestions?