Hannah’s Early Birthday Present

Noah and Hannah with the ducklings

Hannah got her birthday present today.  She absolutely loves ducks so we got her 2 ducklings.  Noah got 2 ducklings, too, because we couldn’t get pets for Hannah and not for him.  Everyone loves the little ducks and they are staying in the living room for a few days before moving out to the brooder in the barn. 

Our 4 little ducklings

 I tried sexing them the way I found in a book and, as far as I can tell, they’re all girls but how could we get that lucky?  We’ll have wait till they’re older to be sure.  If they are all girls we’ll have ducks eggs available in a few months because they are Gold Hybrid Ducks  – a layer breed.

Hannah helping put the duck in it's box

Philly Cooks! Chef Competition

Philadelphia Magazine’s 10th annual Philly Cooks! Chef Competition is today at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel and we’re rooting for local chef Michael Falcone of Funky Lil’ Kitchen in Pottstown.  He’s using some of our ground lamb to make Lamb Sloppy Joes.  Proceeds from the competition and party benefit the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.  For more info visit:  www.phillyfunguide.com/event/detail/80957.

Check out Funky Lil’ Kitchen online here:  www.funkylilkitchen.com.

I’ll let you know how he did later!

Such a Big Boy

Yesterday morning Noah greeted me with what he’d been writing on his dry-erase board.  He loves to write and copy words.  Anyway, he’d taken all his Thomas trains and copied the names off the bottoms.

In case you need help, it says:

“Henry  Molly

Chicken Car

Spotlight Car

Holiday Percy


My little boy is growing up!  He is constantly asking what things say and just soaking up all the information.  I still can’t believe he’ll be going to kindergarten in the fall!

O Romeo, Romeo!

We have 2 stray/wild cats that come around for food.  There’s Pumpkin, the large orange tabby and Scaredy-Cat the little grey and white kitty.  Our pet cats, Midnight and Tiger tolerate them…sometimes more than others.  They’ve both been around for 2 winters and this year both have gotten quite trusting.  They now will stay on the deck when we feed them.  Pumpkin would always hang out at a distance from us, but Scaredy-Cat would take off as soon as he saw us, hence the name.  We actually thought Scaredy-Cat was a girl because of his size and the yelling matches he and Pumpkin would have.

Last month we finally realized Scaredy-Cat was a boy when he started woo-ing Midnight (who is fixed and doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on).  Anyway, because of this and his new-found trust in us he’s earned the new name Romeo.  Here’s a nice photo I took yesterday.

More Snow Pictures

Here are more pictures of our snowy farm!
Why buy an expensive weeping cedar tree when all you need is a good blizzard?!

Hannah and Noah in the snow.  Noah has been having lots of fun.  Hannah, on the other hand, asks to go in the house 5 minutes after we get outside.  She can be bribed to stay outside longer if we go see the animals.

The sheep and goats going up to their pasture.  Dave shoveled paths from the barns to the pasture and to the house.  He also shoveled out a big area for the sheep in their field.

Giant icicles on the front of the house before I knocked them down.

Me holding some of the biggest icicles.

We’re supposed to get more snow today and tonight!  I hope the forecasts that say only 1″-2″ are right.  🙂

I Got My Drop Spindle Yesterday…

…And I started spinning last night!  I love that hand-spun yarn is so unique – not 100% uniform like commercial yarns.

I ordered my “Learn to Spin Kit” from Golding Fiber Tools in Vermont (http://www.goldingfibertools.com/).  The drop spindle is hand-carved in a Celtic Ring design and the kit came with 2 oz of Coopworth roving.  I chose this design because I used some money that my pop-pop gave my for Christmas to buy the spindle and he’s from Scotland.  I will always think of him whenever I use this spindle.

Winter Wonderland

Chicken Coops in the Snow

Just in case the snow we got last weekend wasn’t enough we got hit yesterday with a blizzard!  The forecasts predicted we would get 6″-8″ of snow last Friday and Saturday….we got 15″.  Yesterday we got an additional 2 feet of snow dumped on us!  The snow started Tuesday around 7pm and ended around 10pm Wednesday night. 

We tried to keep up with it by plowing every 3 hours or so, but by dinnertime only the lawn tractor could fit down the driveway.  It just wasn’t powerful enough to push the heavy snow back.  This morning after breakfast Dave went out to try to push the snow back.  He ended up just shoveling a large area. 

Dave Shoveling the Patio

Our new neighbor hires someone to plow her drive and they showed up with a Bobcat and a tractor with a front-end loader.  We ended up calling her to ask if they could do our drive, too.  It was just too much!  They did ours and our other neighbor’s drive, too.  The mounds of snow are just amazing.  I’ll post some of those pictures tomorrow.

Noah in the Path to the Front Door

Noah went out with Dave in the afternoon and was upset that there wasn’t a lot to shovel!  That’s all he wants to do right now.  In the summer he’ll want to pretend to mow or weedwack.  🙂  They did sled down the hill in the front yard, or at least they tried to sled.  The snow is so deep that they could only get about 3/4’s of the way down the hill.