Spinning Projects

I’ve been spinning a lot with my new wheel and finished my 1st project!  I got some CVM/Romeldale and Llama fiber from a friend a couple months ago.  I blended them on hand carders and spun the fiber on my drop spindle.  I used my wheel to make a 3-ply yarn and crocheted a scarf from a beautiful pattern I found on Ravelry.  It’s called the “Luna Lovegood Scarf” and I made some changes because I didn’t have enough yarn.  Anyway here are some pictures

CVM/Romeldale - Llama yarnCrocheted Scarf

Scarf Detail

Hannah’s Surgery – update

She sat on Daddy’s lap and we watched Cars and played while we waited for her turn in the operating room.  The nurse gave her some medicine to calm her and make her drowsy so she wouldn’t get upset when they took her from us.  It was pretty amusing watching her try to play after that medicine kicked in!

The OR nurse came to get her in an office chair.  She sat Hannah on her lap and scooted into the operating room.  Once in there, Hannah got gas to make her sleep.  Then they put in her IV for her general anesthesia.  The actual surgery only took about 45 minutes.

We were able to sit by her in recovery and wait for her to wake up.  The first words out of her mouth were, “Take it off!” (talking about the IV in her ankle and the blood pressure cuff on her other leg).  My bossy little girl!  😉  She wanted Mommy after the surgery…and she wanted my cup of water, even though she had a sippy cup of juice.  I drank most of my water so there wasn’t much left in case she spilled it and let her have the cup.  Well, that wasn’t good enough.  She looked at me and dumped the water right on the floor!  We apologized profusely to the nurse for the mess.

Hannah slept almost the whole way home (about 45 minutes).  She ate everything in sight at lunch and took a long nap in the afternoon.  By Saturday morning she was back to normal.

Hannah has about 20 stitches, plus more sutures deeper in the tissue.  They’re all disolvable, so she won’t need them removed.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for us!

Hannah’s incision

If you want to see the “before” pictures go to  https://redropefarm.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/hannahs-visit-to-the-plastic-surgeon/.



It’s now been 7.5 years since Hannah’s surgery, and I continue to meet people who are dealing with this type of surgery with their own children.  I want to share a photo of what Hannah’s scar looks like now.


Hannah doesn’t remember having surgery and has no issues with the area around her scar.  The doctors did send her birthmark and some cells around it to be biopsied right after surgery and everything came back completely normal.

Dear Mom,

Today it’s 11 years since you’ve been gone.  Sometimes I think I miss you more now that I did all those years ago.  Now that I have a family and children I wish I could call you and ask you all the questions I have.  I want your advice when Noah and Hannah are sick.  I want to tell you about all the crazy and funny things they do.  I want to tell you about Dave and the things we’re doing on the farm.

Mostly, I wish I could talk to you “woman-to-woman.”  I’m done growing up now, but I’m still growing older.  I wish I could have you with me to guide me through this stage of my life.  I want to tell you my news, my dreams and goals.  I want to show you what I’ve made and built with my hands.  I want to know if you’re proud of the woman I’ve become and the life I’m living.

I wish I could hug you again.

Mom, you are missed dearly today and everyday.  I will love you always.




I debated about posting this, but one thing kept telling me to post it.  Earlier this year, a friend lost her sister.  One day I was visiting her and she asked me how I dealt with the loss of my mom.  I didn’t know what to say.  That’s when I realized that although I’ve told people about my mom’s death, I don’t really talk about it. 

I didn’t deal with the loss of my mom very well.  I drank a lot, and I was very angry.  

I met my husband, Dave, several months after my mom died.  He was a Christian and, when we started dating, asked me to go to church with him.  I was hesitant because I was angry at God.  Eventually I went with him and one day I asked Jesus to save me.  I stopped drinking, but I still held on to that anger.  It was something that I had…I owned… and it was hard to give up.

Dave and I got married in 2002 and moved out of Philadelphia in 2004.  Noah was born in 2005 and I started going to the woman’s bible study at our church.  I grew a lot in our small church.  That year we studied the epistle of James, a book about Christian living.  

I learned to let go of my anger and give it to God.  It was hard because I had to give it all to Him.  He is faithful to heal, but you must be willing…He won’t force you.  James 4:7-8a tells us “Therefore submit to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”  This is one of my favorite verses and has brought me great solace.

People often say that the loss of a loved one will get easier over time.  I think the pain is always there; you just think about it less as the years go by.  It comforts me to know that we weren’t made to experience pain or loss.  We were created to live forever and fellowship with God.  I look forward to the day we are in His presence.

Our Trip to the Dairy Farm

Last Thursday I took Noah and Hannah to meet our friend, Becky, and her 2 daughters at Becky’s family’s dairy farm.  It was a beautiful, although very windy, day and everyone had a great time.  All the kids are around the same age and had so much fun.  We arrived close to lunchtime so we ate a wonderful meal before heading out to see the cows and calves and explore.


The 1st thing we did was watch the cows walk down the lane to their pasture for the afternoon.     

Sarah, Hannah, Noah and Rachel with cows in background



Cows going down the lane

Afterwards we visited the calves, the youngest of which was only 5 days old and very cute!  Noah fed one of the calves and another wanted to get a closer look at him.


Do you have any milk for me?

We went on a hunt for eggs in the dairy barn…the chickens like to lay in there.  I was amazed at how much poop needs to be cleaned out of the barn each day.  All I can say is, “Wow!!”
All the kids loved the ride we took in the Gator, especially when we rode across the stream.

Going for a ride

We  had some cookies and fresh milk before we left…yummy!  We were all dirty and smelly after our adventure on the dairy farm but it was worth it – we all had a lot of fun.