Many Thanks!!

A big heartfelt “Thank You” goes out to Heather from Bee Vintage Redux for choosing me to receive a Liebster Award for my blog!  Never heard of a Liebster Award?  Neither had I until yesterday! 

The goal of the Liebster Award is to recognize crafty blogs with less than 300 followers and share them with others.  Upon accepting this award you agree to:  1) Blog about the Liebster award & reveal your 3 blog picks;  2) Let the recipients know that you chose them; 3) Copy & paste the blog award on your blog.

The blogs I want to award with the Liebster are (in no particular order, of course):

Jenny at Sheepy Hollow Farm, who is such a creative woman and even inspired me to make my own fresh cheese!  Jenny posts lots of how-to’s for fiber and herbal crafts, as well as, gardening and cooking.  Her Shetland sheep also produce lovely wool!

Leann at Forbidden Woolery has such a talent for hand dyeing wool.  I met her at the Garden State (NJ) Sheep Breeder’s Association Sheep & Fiber Festival last September and bought some hand-dyed wool (in Professor Plum colorway).  I love that she names her colorways by what inspired them!

Sara at Sara’s Texture Crafts.  I don’t actually know Sara, but she always has such beautiful fiber and great tools in her Etsy shop!  I just have to check out what’s new in her shop when I browse Etsy.

Please take some time and visit these wonderful women’s blogs and shops!  Oh, and by the way, visit Heather’s blog and check out all her beautiful recycled vintage jewelry.

A Week Already!

Well, Sandwich and Burger have been with us for about a week now and we’ve had no problems with eating or taking bottles!  I used a weight tape to measure them tonight… Jersey calves are typically around 50 lbs at birth and their current weights are: Sandwich – 88 lbs; Burger – 97 lbs.  It’s hard to believe that 9 days ago I carried Sandwich halfway to the barn because he was still unsteady on his feet.  I could lift Burger out of the van, but even then, he was too heavy for me.

A New Adventure

Monday morning, around 6:15am, the phone rang… the dairy farm we had contacted about Jersey bull calves had 2 waiting for us.  

I had built a large wooden box for the back of our mini-van so that we can transport a couple animals without hitching up the trailer… actually Aunt Celie’s trailer.  Anyway, we loaded the box in the mini-van and after dropping Noah off at school, Hannah and I went to Gap, PA to pick them up.   I think the family we purchased the calves from might still be talking about us putting calves in the back of a mini-van

One of the calves was 1 day old (born on 2/13) and the other was 10 days old (born on 2/4).  This week was a great time to get them because Dave is taking classes in Philly so I’m not working this week.  The older calf needs to be bottle fed twice a day and the younger calf will get 3 bottles a day till he’s a week old.  I wanted to call them Thing 1 and Thing 2, but Noah decided they should be named Burger and Sandwich. 



We castrated them by banding them Tuesday night before giving them their bottles.  It’s definitely more involved than banding tails to dock them.  We don’t castrate ram lambs so I didn’t realize how tricky it is to get both testicles on the right side of the band!  The calves didn’t even flinch when I got the band on and they’re doing fine today. 

Stay tuned for more calf stories!