About Us

Welcome to Red Rope Farm, owned and operated by Dave and Kim Day.  We weren’t always farmers and this life that we’ve chosen has been quite an adventure, but we love it.

After we were married, we lived in Northeast Philadelphia, but we yearned for more space.  We both loved animals and I (Kim) also loved to garden.   We became fascinated with sheep and saw our 1st Tunis sheep at our local Grange Fair.  We were hooked!

We found and moved to our farm in 2004.  We bought 2 dozen laying hens that summer and raised broilers the next year.  In 2006 we added 5 sheep, in 2007 we raised some turkeys for Thanksgiving, and in 2011 purchased 2 bull calves to raise for beef.

During this time our family was expanding, as well as our farm.  2005 brought the birth of our son, and our daughter was born in 2008.

Over these first few years as farmers, we discovered our likes and dislikes … and also what worked on our farm and what didn’t.  We’ve designed and redesigned our garden {at least twice}.  We’ve dealt with a coyote attacking a sheep and some turkeys; and raccoons thieving our chicken coops.  We’ve witnessed both births and deaths.

We now raise our sheep for meat, breeding stock and wool; chickens for eggs; and plan to raise more calves for beef.  We have raised turkeys for Thanksgiving, but are taking a break from them.   We also make and sell our own soap, crafts and yarn.

We participate in several local craft fairs, farmer’s markets and fiber festivals during the year.  Our current schedule of fairs can be found on our Events page.  You can see our current products on our Etsy shop.  Kim also does spinning demonstrations and teaches spinning on a drop spindle or spinning wheel.

Contact Information:

phone:  610-326-1842 / 267-265-0343 (c)

email: redropefarm@yahoo.com

find us on Facebook and on Etsy!

10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Kim

    I’m glad Hannah’s surgery went well. You are doing an amazing job with the farm. You must be on the run all day long.

    Aunt Laureen and I are going to Las Vegas on Tuesday to see Aunt Kathleen and the family. We can’t wait. We’re staying across the street at her neighbor’s house – he is a teacher and goes away all summer.

    Your letter to your Mom was extremely touching. Sometimes it seems, to me, that the pain of loss gets worse with time. It’s something that is unique to each person – how we try to deal with it, get through each day and not just give up. It’s a challenge every day.

    I’ll talk to you when I get back from Vegas.


    Aunt Eileen

  2. I stumbled upon your website in search or information about making money with wool. You have inspired me as a new stay-at-home mom now living in the country. We only have 3 acres, but I’m sure it will keep me busy as I continue my journey going rural. Thank you!

  3. Hi Kim, it was great to meet you at the NJ show on Sunday.We are your East Coventry, Chester County neighbors, just over the river! Right now we have about 20 Sulfolk, but would like to add fiber sheep to the flock. Do you sell lambs, or have a waiting list? Please let me know and thanks, Cathy Rupert 484 300 5099 cathyrupert@aol.com

  4. Hi!
    We are interested in purchasing quail eggs. We were sent to your site, stating it was the closest farm in our area. Please let me know.
    Thank you!

  5. Hello! I was researching online about neevus sebaceous and found your blog. My daughter has one and I wondered if you had your daughters removed and how it went. Thanks!

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