Our laying hens are a mix of different heritage & cross breeds so we get all shades of brown eggs, as well as green, blue and white eggs.  In addition to chicken feed we supplement them with fresh veggies from our garden and wild berries from around the farm in the warmer months.  When it gets cold the chickens get to snack on homemade suet cakes.

2 thoughts on “Poultry

  1. Hi, When will eggs be available for purchase. I live in Douglassville and would like to buy as local as possible. What hours are you open ?

    • We will begin stocking our self – serve fridge this week. The eggs will freeze outside of the temps get too low so we don’t stick it over winter. You can always call to see what we have and make s pick – up appointment. We ask that you visit for eggs during daylight hours. The fridge is located next to the main front door (2nd from the parking lot).

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