It seems that each year our garden changes at least a little.  We started with cinderblock raised beds and have since realized that we prefer wood sides over cinderblocks. We have renovated some beds over the years to be taller and more narrow.  That means more space for a rich compost/soil mixture and, therefore, a healthy root system. 

garden map 2016

In 2009 we added asparagus, then added more in 2015. 


Each year we have added more herbs to the garden that we dry and use in our lip & skin balms, as well as our herbal moth repellent sachets


We plan to add dyeplants in the future that will be available for purchase as dried natural dyestuffs. 

In 2017 we added a blueberry bush and we plan to add 2 more in 2018.  We are also planning to move some of our elderberry bushes that grow around the farm to the garden area.  In the late spring we have elderflowers available for purchase ($1 each) and in mid-summer we have elderberries for sale ($5/lb).


Throughout the summer we also have some veggies for sale at the farm.  They are available alongside our self-serve egg fridge.

We started 2 beehives in 2017 and are trying to add plants, flowers and trees that are good sources of nectar and pollen – both for the honeybees and for our local native pollinators.

2016-06-07 10.11.21.jpg


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