Examples of Our Wool Fleeces

Wool from Tunis sheep is creamy white, wonderfully lofty and springy, and usually quite soft.  It’s perfect for so many projects from socks to hats and everything in between, such as sweaters, scarves and mittens or gloves.

In technical term the Tunis is a Down-Type wool breed with fine to medium wool.  Average fiber diameter is in the 50s-58s (or 24-30 microns) and staple length is 3-5 inches.  Our skirted fleeces average approximately 3 lbs for ewes and 3.75 lbs for rams.  Below are photos of locks from our fleeces, showing crimp patterns.

To see photos of our sheep click here.
















Fiona (lamb – 1st shearing spring 2013)


Coco (lamb – 1st shearing spring 2013)




Freddie (lamb – 1st shearing spring 2013)


Isaac (BFL Wether)

4 thoughts on “Examples of Our Wool Fleeces

  1. Beatrice and Bertha are the names of my grandmothers! Do you have any fleece available, from them or any other Tunis sheep? If so, can you recommend somewhere to get it skirted and washed? Also, do you coat your sheep? I learned about you through the Livestock Conservancy’s Shave ‘Em and Save ‘Em campaign. I’m a novice spinner, and Tunis sound like a good yarn to practice on, where I might actually make some good yarn! I live about 45 miles from you in Delaware County. I assume you can reach me somehow through my facebook login. Thank you for your attention.

    • Hi Robin, that’s so cool! I actually have 1 fleece available that I forgot to advertise. 🙂 I don’t cover my sheep but I thoroughly skirt my fleeces before I sell them. You can wash it yourself or send it to a fiber mill. Some have minimum weights for processing, but I can give you some names. I also have roving for sale if you want to skip the scouring process. Tunis is a great wool for any stage of spinner. It’s a soft and bouncy wool, but not slippery. Check out my event page to see the shows and festivals where I will be this fall. I also have an Etsy shop and Facebook page – the links are on the side of this site. Thank you!

  2. HI
    I am a gnome maker and am looking for some lamb curls for beards. what do you have that has been washed, and ready to use? What is a good lamb to use for the beards.

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