Field Trips

We host field trips here at our farm for groups up to about 15 children, and now we also offer virtual field trips.

You can view our previous Live field trips anytime on Facebook or by clicking on the Field Trip tag in the Tag Cloud to the right. You can also schedule your own private Virtual Field trip.

Please see Field Trip details and cost below. To schedule an In-Person or Private Virtual Field Trip, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Our In-Person field trip lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours and our Virtual field trip lasts about 45-60 minutes.

We will meet in the parking lot and briefly discuss what animals we will see and go over farm rules.

Our tour will begin with our chicken coops, where the students will be able to touch chickens that I will hold for them. The students can look at the different parts of the chickens’ bodies and look at the structure of their feathers. They can also see and hold freshly laid eggs. We can talk about eggs and the life cycle of poultry.

We will then visit our sheep. The students will be able to touch and feed the sheep. We will talk about sheep’s bodies and their wool. We will discuss the qualities of wool, how it varies between breeds, and why it’s used for textiles.

If we have calves or steers at the time of your field trip, we will visit them and talk about why we raise them. The students will be able to touch and feed them.

We can discuss any topic more extensively, if desired. Some topics that we can discuss are:

  • Chicken Coop Requirements and Designs
  • From Fleece to Garment
  • Spinning Yarn
  • Natural Dyes


In-Person Field Trip – $3 per student, $4 per adult

Private Virtual Field Trip – $30

Additional Details:

Please arrive 10 minutes before scheduled field trip time to allow for parking, etc. Most walking will be on grass or dirt. Closed-toes shoes are recommended, or boots if the ground is muddy. Photos or videos are allowed, but please do not record entire tour. If anyone in your group has difficulty on uneven ground, please inform me of this when you schedule your tour.

We cannot accommodate full-size buses in our driveway. You may drop off at the road and have the bus pick your group up once the field trip is over. If you have a small bus or van/minivan(s) you may park at the farm. Please tell me how many and what type of vehicles your group will need to park.

For Private Virtual field trips, you will receive a meeting link and may include more than 15 people.