Stages of Lambing (warning…graphic photos)

Lambing is always an exciting time on the farm.  The sound of newborn lambs bleating for their mothers is just wonderful.  It can sometimes be stressful for the anxious flock-master or flock-mistress as they await the birth of the year’s lambs and hope that there are no difficulties.

The ewe’s body usually starts preparing for lambing a couple weeks to a month before the birth of her lambs.  First her vulva will swell and get darker pink.  Her udder will then start to fill with colostrum – the lamb’s thick, antibody-rich, first milk.  You can see the changes in Erin’s udder before lambing in the collage below.  She gave birth the day after the last photo in the collage was taken.Erin changes

Closer to lambing, the ewes sides “hollow out” as the lamb drops into birthing position.  As active labor approaches she will become restless and separate herself from the flock.  She will begin to paw at the ground to make the area comfortable for her.

These photos were taken over a couple years and are a few of out ewes in labor.  Click on each photo to see it enlarged.

Stage 1      The water sac emerges (figure 1)…IMG_0797

…and soon ruptures (see arrow – figure 2).  The dam paws at the ground to make a “bed”.March2009_0084

Stage 2      She becomes restless and begins pushing.  She may stand up and lie down repeatedly, trying to get comfortable.  The lamb’s feet can soon be seen…March2009_0087

Stage 3      …followed by the headMarch2009_0070

Stage 4      The shoulders are the most difficult part for the ewe to pass.  She may lie down and really strain to push the lamb out.March2009_0082

Stage 5      The lamb slides out quickly after the shoulders are free. The dam may stay lying down or stand up again.March2009_0099

Stage 6       The lamb is on the ground and waiting for its dam to clean it.  I already wiped the birth fluids from its nose.March2009_0088

Stage 7       The ewe licks the amniotic fluid off the lamb, cleaning her baby and bonding with it.March2009_0090

Stage 8      This ewe continues cleaning the lamb as she rests before her 2nd lamb is born.  You can almost make out the 2nd lamb’s feet (see arrow).March2009_0098Stage 9      The first lamb searches for the teat and begins to suckle as the ewe cleans her second lamb.  Nursing triggers the release of the placenta (see arrows).March2009_0100

11 thoughts on “Stages of Lambing (warning…graphic photos)

  1. While I wait outside and check often, I’ve never actually witnessed the entrance of any lambs. They just seem to “appear” (but as the mother of 4 , I know better! ) This is a wonderful teaching/learning segment. Nicely done.

  2. My most favorite time of the year!….When the lambs are born! 🙂 Thanks for putting this together! It’s great.

  3. Very good we got some video last year and one of ours even had triplets lisa was able to see the last one born ,what a surprise. Very good pics should post on tunis news

  4. I don’t expect to be birthin’ no lambs, but your feature was fascinating, and in the best of ‘all-natural’ taste – not offensive or too graphic at all.

  5. Thanks for the pics. People tell you what to look for but seeing is much better for me. I’m guessing my little lambies are only a day or two away – if that!!!!!

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