August 9th – My Birthday

My birthday was a nice, relaxing Sunday. Rainy morning…we got home from church and the rain gauge read 2″. The rain cleared up in the afternoon so Dave and Noah went outside to do some work.

Close to dinner-time more dark clouds started moving in, and the Weather Channel said we were going to get a strong storm. Dave fed the animals and I ordered dinner. I was halfway there when the clouds opened up and I got soaked just running from the car to the restaurant! The closer I got to home, the more leaves and branches I saw in the road. Our driveway was just littered with branches! When I pulled up to the house I saw the tree in our front yard had blown over!
I went around the back of the house and hurried in the garage. There was just a flurry of excitement when I got upstairs. Noah had been at the front window and watched the tree fall. Dave was in the kitchen and saw the wind carry Noah’s empty pool from the deck across the backyard and pin it against the fence. The pvc railing on the pool broke and so did the fence rail.
While Dave watched the pool fly through the yard, the tree by the back barn fell. It missed the barn but took down part of the chicken coop fence.

Another tree fell near the back pasture at the edge of the woods and our neighbor lost 2 trees…one took the rungs off a section of our fence. The storm didn’t last too long at all but the damage was high. About a half hour after the storm past we lost power for about 6 hours. What a day!
Dave came home early from work on Monday and stayed home on Tuesday. He repaired fences and started the long job of cutting up the trees.

One thought on “August 9th – My Birthday

  1. Hi Kim, Great blog. I will check in often. Your descripton of the storm sounded like a scene from the Wizard of Oz!!Too scary!Jodi

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