Am I a Soccer Mom Now?

We finally made the big step on Wednesday….we traded in our little Mercury Tracer for a mini-van! A grey Toyota Sienna, to be exact. We’ve actually been thinking about getting one since last year, but had to put it off for a while.

I really like it and asked Dave to put a big bow on it for Christmas….like in the commercials and some movies! I know it’s corny, but I’ve always wanted a car for a present. 🙂

Noah and Hannah cried when we took the van for a test drive, but after a couple minutes they settled down. Now Noah is just so excited about “his” mini-van….it’s so cute!

One thought on “Am I a Soccer Mom Now?

  1. It's funny how our kids are affected by change. I'm glad for you. You'll love the room and the kids will be able to have you drive all of their friends around.Good choice – and yes -the next step is soccer.AND you need a bow – i love that idea. Do it Dave it's romantic.Love you, Jodi

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