Ringing in the New Year – UK Style!

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with some of our friends who also have young children. We thought a British theme party would be fun & then we could celebrate the New Year early so the kids wouldn’t be so cranky. We counted down to midnight GMT (7pm eastern) and the kids had fun blowing horns and wearing their hats.

We had lots of yummy food and I enjoyed making new recipes. I tried bruchetta with sheep cheese and wilted greens. The warm Locatelli cheese on bread with greens and drizzled with balsmic vinegar was terrific! I can’t wait to make it again! We also had artichoke cheese dip, mini quiches, fresh veggies and dip, cookies and chocolates.

I had lots of fun exploring allrecipes.co.uk for British recipes and settled on Bangers and Mash (pork sausage and mashed potatoes) and Buttered Turkey for dinner. Noah loved the sausage in the gravy! I can’t remember when he’s eaten that much meat. 🙂 I cooked one of the turkeys we raised this summer and it was so good with all the seasonings and butter!

One of our friends brought Bubble & Squeak as a side dish, even though we think it’s more of a breakfast dish. It’s made with potatoes, ham, bacon and cabbage. I think you can add any veggies you have to it. Traditionally it’s made with the leftovers from Christmas dinner.

For dessert I tried out 2 super-easy recipes… Lemon Syllabub and Apple Crumble. The Lemon Syllabub was so light and creamy! It’s made by whipping heavy cream and adding sugar, lemon juice and lemon zest. After sprinkling a little nutmeg on top it’s ready to eat… Yum!

We’re already thining about next year’s party and wondering what country should be our theme! Any suggestions?

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