Princess Hannah

I just had to post this photo of Hannah.  Last week we visited our friends and Hannah’s friend, Naomi, wore her tutu while we were there.  Later, when we took care of the animals after dinner, Hannah had to wear her tutu over her jeans and sneakers.  It was an unseasonably cool day for early June so she also had on a fleece top.  She was just adorable tromping around with the sheep and chickens in her tutu…and with her pigtails coming out because she kept trying to take them out.


4 thoughts on “Princess Hannah

  1. I just saw “Toy Story 3” and there she was! H in her pink tutu and her rubber boots! (This character, Bonnie, didn’t live on a farm but shared H’s sense of adventure). The resemblance was striking!

    BTW, Karloff’s daughter, Chloe, will go to the county Fair 7/25/10 🙂

    • we’ll have to see it, but i guess we should see #2 first! 🙂 that’s great that you’re showing chloe… good luck! i forget did you have 2 ewe lambs? we sold one of karloff’s ram lambs to a woman in nj. he was good loking and so gentle! let me know how chloe does at the fair.

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