Noah Starts Kindergarten

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and will be trying to catch up now.  Noah started school a couple weeks ago and things are going well.  He was nervous about some things but he’s getting used to the new building and the new routine.  His school does “Kinder-Camp” about a week or so before school starts, and it really helps get all the kids ready for the 1st day of school when the older kids are there, too.  Noah goes to Kindergarten for 1/2 day and midway through the year he’ll switch to full day.

I took a couple pictures of Noah on his 1st day of school and Hannah had to be in the pictures, too.  She also had to have a Spiderman backpack!  We gave her Noah’s backpack from pre-school.

2 thoughts on “Noah Starts Kindergarten

  1. Love it! Makes me think of when you and Daddy got to pack your lunch for school/work. I was jealous, so he would make me lunch too and pack it all up in a brown paper bag and put it in the fridge so I could have it for my lunch time at home.

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