Felting Soap – A Tutorial

Felted soaps are easy and fun to make, plus they can be wonderful gifts!  The felted wool (or other fiber) acts to exfoliate and gently scrub your skin as you wash.  As the soap gets smaller the fiber will continue to felt and also shrink.

I’ve detailed the steps for wrapping the fiber around the soap below.  I’ve also included a video at the bottom showing how to felt the fiber onto the soap.

Below are the supplies you will need to make your felted soap: wool (or other fiber suitable for felting), soap, knee-high nylons.

Felting Supplies

Step 1 – Gently press the edges of the soap so they are rounded (if necessary).

Rounding Edges

Step 2 – Draft out some fiber so you can wrap it around the thin edges of the soap.

Drafting fiber

Step 3 – Wrap fiber around thin edges of soap.

Fiber Wrapped Around This Edges

Step 4 – Prepare fiber to wrap around the wide sides of the soap by drafting it to be wide but sheer.  Felting is easier when you work with several thin layers of fiber instead of a couple thick layers.

Fiber for Wide Sides

Step 5 – Wrap soap with fiber, alternating directions so that the fibers criss-cross.

Wrap 1 way

And the Other

Continue until you cannot see the soap through the fiber.

Ready for Decorations

Step 6 – Decorate with other color(s) or create a pattern/image if desired.

Ready to Felt

Step 7 – Put nylon knee-high over your hand.  Place fiber-covered soap in your nylon hand and turn the nylon inside-out over the soap.

Wrapping Nylon around Soap

Soap Wrapped in Nylon

Step 8 – Fill sinks (or containers) with hot AND cold water.  If you are felting scented soap and are using containers, use glass or metal because plastic one may absorb the soap’s fragrance.

Hot and Cold Water for Fetlting

Now your soap is wrapped in fiber ready to be felted.  Please watch the video below for the felting instruction.


Your soap will take a day or 2 to dry… then enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Felting Soap – A Tutorial

  1. Can I use superwash wool to felt soap? If not how do I tell the difference between non superwashes wool and superwash? I bought wool from Hobby Lobby and don’t know which it is.

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