Fixing the Oven

Noah and I decided on little quiches for lunch on Monday since he’s learning the letter “Q” this week at pre-school.  Well, about 5 minutes after I turned on the oven to warm up I heard a weird banging noise from it.  I looked over and saw something glowing in the oven.  I jumped up and turned it off and saw the problem…the “bake” heating element seemed to be melting in one spot and that’s what was glowing. 

Broken Heating Element

After finding something else for Noah and Hannah to eat, I sat down at the computer to search for a new heating element.  Apparently our oven is old because I couldn’t find the model number anywhere I searched.  I called GE and got a part number, and went back to the internet to find it.  I ordered the part from and got it the next day!  Dave switched the 2 and the installation took less than 5 minutes.  Here’s a step-by-step for the installation:

Empty Oven

Step 1:    TURN OFF BREAKER TO OVEN!  (do this before removing old heating element)

Step 2:  Screw wires on new heating element to stove wires.

Attaching wires

Close-up of Wires

Step 3:  Push wires into hole so silver plate is on back of oven.  Tighten lag screws.

Tightening screws

Step 4: Put door back on oven.

Replacing Door


We have heat!

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