I went to my spinning group on Saturday.  I’m the only one there who doesn’t spin yet, but I do my crochet and get some time away from the house.  This time I even tried hand carding and spinning on a wheel and spindle.  I’ve been thinking of getting a drop spindle and now I want one even more!  🙂  I’ve been watching some youtube videos teaching carding and spinning on a drop spindle, but it’s so much easier to be with other women who know what they’re doing.  You can ask any question you have right then instead of waiting to get an email back!  The next spinning meeting is February 20th…I’m already excited.
Tunis yarn that I spun

Tunis yarn that I spun

2 thoughts on “Spinning!

  1. so glad that you like spinning! I love watching verna spin, and the colors and textures that can be created are unlimited 🙂

  2. I’m so happy and proud to see you spinning! Keep surrounding yourself with talented fiber folk…it is energizing! We love to share our passion! Happy fiber’n!

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