O Romeo, Romeo!

We have 2 stray/wild cats that come around for food.  There’s Pumpkin, the large orange tabby and Scaredy-Cat the little grey and white kitty.  Our pet cats, Midnight and Tiger tolerate them…sometimes more than others.  They’ve both been around for 2 winters and this year both have gotten quite trusting.  They now will stay on the deck when we feed them.  Pumpkin would always hang out at a distance from us, but Scaredy-Cat would take off as soon as he saw us, hence the name.  We actually thought Scaredy-Cat was a girl because of his size and the yelling matches he and Pumpkin would have.

Last month we finally realized Scaredy-Cat was a boy when he started woo-ing Midnight (who is fixed and doesn’t have a clue about what’s going on).  Anyway, because of this and his new-found trust in us he’s earned the new name Romeo.  Here’s a nice photo I took yesterday.

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