Nothing Dramatic

Hannah woke up at 6 this morning… the 1st time since we changed the clocks that she hasn’t slept in.  I got up with her but I really wanted to go out to the barn.  I heard lambs baa-ing over the baby monitor and wanted to see what was happening out there.  I didn’t want to bring Hannah out in pj’s so I waited till Grandma woke up.  Abigail and her lamb were fine, Rosy and her twins were fine.I put Annie in her lambing stall yesterday because I thought she looked ready to go and, sure enough, she  had twin lambs cuddled up to her.  They were mostly dry so I gave all 3 moms some hay and went in the house for breakfast.  I weighed and checked them out afterwards.  The ewe lamb was 9.75 lbs and the ram lamb was 11 lbs.  We already have more ewe lambs than we did last year!

Annie and Twin Lambs

3 thoughts on “Nothing Dramatic

  1. I just love reading your lambing updates! Yesterday was not a good day on our own little farm – one ewe died during childbirth (in the middle of the night). Sadly, I was completely unaware – I’m going to “steal” your baby monitor idea – Brilliant!

    • I am sooo sorry, Julie. Was it one of the girls you brought here? Do you know what happened? Was the lamb stuck? We lost our single lamb Monday…he got his head stuck in a twine hay feeder and strangled. I keep thinking that I would’ve heard him if I hadn’t turned off my monitor (all the March lambs were born). To make things worse it was a miserable rainy day and Dave and I both had doctor’s appointments! We both have sinus infections and I have bronchitus. 😦

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