I bought a Spinning Wheel!

Tuesday night I bought my first spinning wheel from my friend, Debi!  I’m very excited and my 1st project on it will be to ply the CVM/llama singles that I’m spinning on my drop spindle.  Noah and Hannah came with me to pick it up and Noah wanted to start spinning as soon as we got home!  🙂  I showed him how the treadle works, but his foot is too small to get the wheel moving.  He then picked up my drop spindle, to my surprise, and spun the little fiber that was left to spin on it.  Dave decided he will probably be able to spin by the time he’s 6!

I Got My Drop Spindle Yesterday…

…And I started spinning last night!  I love that hand-spun yarn is so unique – not 100% uniform like commercial yarns.

I ordered my “Learn to Spin Kit” from Golding Fiber Tools in Vermont (http://www.goldingfibertools.com/).  The drop spindle is hand-carved in a Celtic Ring design and the kit came with 2 oz of Coopworth roving.  I chose this design because I used some money that my pop-pop gave my for Christmas to buy the spindle and he’s from Scotland.  I will always think of him whenever I use this spindle.

My 1st Try at Needle Felting

Yesterday I decided to try needle felting some of the Tunis wool I’ve been washing.  I’ve heard that it is very easy….you just have to stab the wool repeatedly with a sharp “felting” needle.  I put my wool in a cookie cutter and felted it into the shape I wanted that way.  Then I tea-dyed my little felted sheep.   You can find very simple tea-staining instructions here:  http://sheepyhollow.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/tea-dyeing/.   I dyed this one dark so it would look like a gingerbread cookie.

Needle Felted Sheep

I also tried making a 3-D felted object, too.  So far I just made 1 little egg, but I want to make a bunch and dye them pretty colors for Easter.  I’ll post pictures of them later.


I went to my spinning group on Saturday.  I’m the only one there who doesn’t spin yet, but I do my crochet and get some time away from the house.  This time I even tried hand carding and spinning on a wheel and spindle.  I’ve been thinking of getting a drop spindle and now I want one even more!  🙂  I’ve been watching some youtube videos teaching carding and spinning on a drop spindle, but it’s so much easier to be with other women who know what they’re doing.  You can ask any question you have right then instead of waiting to get an email back!  The next spinning meeting is February 20th…I’m already excited.
Tunis yarn that I spun

Tunis yarn that I spun