Not Again…

We lost our 8-year old house bunny Beau on Thursday afternoon.  Dave and I adopted him from a bunny rescue 3 months after we were married when Beau was 11 months old.  He was a spunky, aggressive bunny who had been neglected by his previous family.  He would nip us whenever we put our hands in his cage to feed him!  He soon came to trust us and loved getting petted.  He even would let strangers pet him in his cage! 

Noah feeding Beau animal crackers

Soon after we moved to Douglassville Beau got a little “sister”, Lola.  After a few disputes about territory and Lola’s spaying they became very bonded.  We hope she doesn’t become too depressed being alone.

Lola and Beau

Up until Beau’s last day he was still that spunky bunny we first adopted.  He still ran around and “binkied” like a young bunny all the time.  He passed away quietly and peacefully with his family near him.  We’ll miss you, Beau!

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